ProMist Max by O-Cedar Microfiber Spray Mop

Smarter Cleaning. Less Waste

The ProMist® MAX Spray Mop microfiber mop pad cleans better than disposable pads on all types of hard floor surfaces.

Innovating to Make Cleaning Easier

With a 100-year history of dedication to taking the “work” out of housework, O-Cedar® is constantly focused on creating products that make it easier and take less time to clean your home. Less time cleaning means more time making memories.

Innovate your cleaning experience with the ProMist® MAX Microfiber Spray Mop by cleaning smarter and faster with less waste.

ProMist® MAX Features


Clean Faster with a Double-Sided Pad

Experience a continuous clean with a double-sided microfiber mop pad. No need to stop and change the mop pad mid-clean. Spray, flip, and go!


Choose Your Cleaner

No need to purchase an expensive, cleaning solution for this mop. Just fill the spray bottle with water and add two tsp. of your favorite cleaner. Cleaning with less chemicals, now that’s smarter cleaning!


Washable Mop Pad

The mop pad is washable so you can re-use for up to 3 months! That’s 3 months longer than a disposable mop pad and much less waste. Just remove the microfiber mop pad from the mop head, wash in warm water and lay flat to dry.*

*Do not use fabric softeners or bleach.


Microfibers that Grab

The Microfibers of ProMist® MAX don’t just push dirt around, they grab them making sure not one speck of dirt of dust is left behind. Leaving your floors clean as a whistle.


A Cleaner Clean

Give your floors a thorough clean with the power of microfiber. Microfiber mop pads remove all kinds of dirt and spills. Leaving your floors clean and dust free. Microfiber is safe to use on all hard floors including tile, laminate and hardwood.

It’s Easy to Use the ProMist® MAX

What Can the ProMist® MAX Clean?

Whether you’re cleaning wood floors in your kitchen, laminate in your entryway or tile in your bathroom, the O-Cedar® ProMist® MAX is safe to use on all hard floor surfaces. Now you have no excuse to avoid a quick clean!

Easy to Use

Life can be messy, so choose the O-Cedar® ProMist® MAX. It’s so easy. Use your favorite cleaning solution mixed with water, spray it on your floor, then go!

2x the Cleaning Power

The microfibers of the O-Cedar® ProMist® MAX capture all kinds of dirt. The best part is the pad flips over to clean two times the surface area. No need to swap or switch out mop pads mid-clean.

Where to Buy the ProMist® MAX

The ProMist® MAX comes with one reusable, microfiber mop head, good for up to 3 months and one refillable spray bottle for your preferred cleaning solution.

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ProMist® MAX Refills

With more than one mop pad on hand, you can be washing one while still cleaning with the other. Reset your cleaning with a mop refill so your cleaning can continue with ease.

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Don’t Forget!

Whether you have an organic favorite or an all natural solution your mother used, the refillable bottle is good with any solution. You only need
2 teaspoons of cleaning solution mixed with water!

ProMist® MAX Real Reviews

I really like it, the fact that it’s wide is really a good thing because it covers more and that you can use both sides, love it and will continue to use it!!!


Target.com Customer

Picked up pet hair while mopping well. Less start up cost, refillable and reusable, no need to keep buying special cleaners or pads.


Amazon.com Customer

Using environmentally friendly cleaning solution is a plus. The mop pad just goes into the wash, and its good as new. Definitely recommend.

Mary B.

Walmart.com Customer

This hits all the right spots: easy to use, eco-friendly, well-made, and effective. Seriously.

Jen N.

Amazon.com Customer